Your Greatest Teacher = YOU.

The title says all.

Go on – spend the rest of your life finding a better friend and guide than your inner one. [Shortcut: don’t. Look in the mirror].

I am no Potterhead, but there is one scene permanently etched into my memory. Harry has a premonition, looking across a lake, that his deceased father appears as a deer and saves everyone from some dire situation. Later, when the vision comes to fruition in real life, he realizes the deer was HIM. He had this enormous power within him all along. He simply couldn’t recognize it. The belief that it lived outside was false.

This wild discovery is available to all of us. The greatest source of wisdom and intuition resides in our own still mind. Finding stillness may take time and discipline, and yes, guidance from other teachers, ideas, concepts, books… but, slowly, if you are still and listen, you will “know” your own way. You will feel it. You will regard yourself in a loving way you might never have known, beyond the resentments, beyond the hurricane of inner criticism and lack.

Please, hold this suggestion until you realize it.

A few favorite affirmations…

“Ramana Maharshi puts it simply: Teachings are like a stick used to stir a fire and keep it burning. Once the fire is raging and needs no tending, you can throw the stick into the flames and let it burn as well. So books like this one have some value if they ignite the fire of truth in your heart and help keep it ablaze. In the end, however, you need to let go of all concepts, even the most accurate ones, and die into the deepening wisdom of the heart.”

Stephan Bodian

“When you meet the Buddha, kill him.”

Zen Koan

“While most koans tangle my mind in knots, this one reminds me of what [its] all about: awakening my potential to be open rather than closed off. It reminds me to stop looking somewhere else โ€” to a god, to a teacher, to becoming rich, to ending capitalism, etc. โ€” to find the end of my suffering.”

Jeremy Mohler

Be Your Own Guru.

A Doorway.

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