Your Greatest Companion

What if the greatest companion you will ever discover is actually yourself? What if, upon discovering this, any other time with any other human in any capacity, was pure bonus?

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2 responses to “Your Greatest Companion”

  1. I have wonderful friends and family and an abundance of love between us all. In addition to that, I find there is no one whose company I enjoy more than my own. I’ve also had three, long, wonderful romantic relationships in which I thrived. I know that I could have that again if I so desired, but after 10 years of living alone (and never feeling lonely), I cannot bring myself to want more than what I’ve currently got.

    I’m having to of my oldest and best friends over this evening. I met the one in 1998! These two women are family and would do/have done anything for me. And yet, giving up my solitude for one evening of fun and love with them is still a sacrifice. It will require reigning in my focus, paying attention, ignoring more of myself than normal – all things in which I’m adept at. It will be rewarding and worthwhile, enriching for all, and it will warm my heart… but it’s still a sacrifice intentionally made by Me, Myself and I.

    “I will only have you if you are sweeter than my solitude.”
    Warsan Shire

    • Beautifully put! Upon finding this – I wish the entire world could do the same. The puzzle is, each person has to find it on their own!

      Also, great quote.

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