With Love From My Rat Car

Life is always zooming ahead. My promise to you (which, stems from a promise to myself), is to linger in the tiniest moments. Like your face when lightly-sweetened chocolate cake delights you unexpectedly, or you gaze at mushrooms lovingly and celebrate (again) that they are, in fact, not contaminated with radiation*, or when you smile as my rat car** passes you on the highway. The future is exciting, dreams are lovely. But what a relief, in the ultimate sense, there is nothing more to win, as there is always abundant treasure in plain sight. I know I will fail to see it sometimes, but I also know I will find it again and again.

* Dire warnings, passed from grandparent to grandchild, determined, decades later, to be to be suspect

** A rat house which is occasionally also a car. (according to my mechanic, who “blew out all the rat crap” from the engine).

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