Wisdom Sources

“We are suffering from a wisdom famine.”

John Vervaeke

“We long for beauty, wisdom, and purpose. We want to live for something more than just ourselves.”

Alain de Botton

Wisdom Sources

A wisdom source is a collection of ideas and practices for living a good life. The hallmark of a wisdom source is comprehensiveness – “Knowledge” entails more than mere reading or watching, but moment-to-moment integration – practice, reflection, silence, and contemplation, throughout the course of life.

This collection starts with modern sources, and moves toward more ancient. Modern sources have the benefit building upon and respecting ancient ones, such as Greek philosophy, stoicism, and Buddhism, while also integrating modern psychology, and cognitive science.

  • John Vervaeke’s Meaning Crisis
    John Vervaeke, professor of psychology and cognitive science, is one of the most well read, humble, and curious humans I’ve encountered, period. His meaning crisis series is a free college-quality lecture series, that tours the history of humanity while touching all key aspects of the wisdom systems.
  • Waking Up App
    Mindfulness is a crucial skill and experience in a wisdom system. The trouble with mindfulness is the thousands of techniques, approaches, suggestions, and traditions one might explore. Waking up cuts right to the chase, anchored heavily in neuroscience while carefully incorporating the insight of more ancient traditions.
  • A Replacement for Religion
    How did we get here? The modern philosophical organization – School of Life distills the history of religion, how it died, and what we can salvage from religion to guide us – even as non theists.
  • The Marginalian
    Founded in 2006 – Thousands of the most beautiful and eloquently worded reflections across literature and art – thoroughly exploring perspectives on the human condition.
  • Buddhism
    Sometimes misunderstood as a “religion” – Buddhism is essentially a set of questions and practices anyone can use to investigate the nature of reality. Buddhism is HIGHLY influential in wisdom systems today. One can grasp Buddhism’s essence by exploring modern systems alone, but it is also worthwhile to consider where it came from.
  • Stoicism
    A particular branch of Greek Philosophy.
    (to be expanded upon)
  • Greek Philosophy
    Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
    (to be expanded upon)
  • Wellness & Wisdom Stack (Below)
    The Wellness & Wisdom Stack is both a map of wisdom sources, and a collection of essays exploring them.

Wisdom Sources:
Key Components

The components of a wisdom source are:

Progress key
Progress deep
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