What I Felt During My First Microdoses

Several months ago, before I ever touched a psychedelic in my life, I decided it would very important to me to closely observe and record what happened when I finally took my first microdose. I am very happy with what I’ve discovered so far.

Below are my most important journal entries from getting started, either written during or immediately after taking a microdose of psilocybin mushrooms. To someone who is also considering exploring this themselves, these first entries may help give you an idea to what the experience was like.

Microdosing Journal Entries

Psilocybin Experience – Session 1 (130mg)
Psilocybin Experience – Session 2 (260mg)
Psilocybin Experience – Session 3 (390mg)
Psilocybin Experience – Session 4 (520mg) (ok, wow)
Psilocybin Experience – Session 25 (780mg)

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