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“The purpose of mindfulness is to TRULY wake up, from the dream you call life. It’s about confronting some of the deepest questions, for instance, how can we be truly happy, when all we experience, truly fades, and disappears? When every desire and goal reveals itself to be a mirage.”
– Sam Harris

If I had 10 seconds to share advice that would profoundly change anyone’s perspective, I would say, download this app. (or, google mindfulness).

… if taken seriously, everything else would probably fall into place all by itself, over the course of weeks, months, years.

Our habitual life can make us feel stuck, purposeless, pointless, and agitated. How do you actually SEE these things, working against you?

1) Mindfulness

My suggestion on mindfulness – download the mindfulness app here – Waking-Up (or any mindful app or book you like) and start exploring. Waking-up just happens to be what I started using, in 2019. There is a free trial, and it is free for those who can’t afford it.

Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice and said, wow, that’s what I sound like? Have you ever seen a photo or video of yourself and said, wow, that’s what I look like? Even though you constantly hear yourself speak and see yourself in the mirror, there are simply things you don’t notice until you observe from new perspectives. Now take this same exact principle and apply it to your mind. What exactly are you thinking all the time? You will be absolutely amazed what you see. You can than ask: why, are you thinking these things? And should you worry about every single thought that comes into your mind? Should you get angry, or impulsive, or nervous, or regretful, or anxious about any of it? Or simply let it go?

An Impossible Feat

It is impossible to convey the depth and significance of this road succinctly. 🙂 As my own journey continues, I will add reflections here. Please consider:

A Crown Jewel of Ideas

There are hundreds of essays on this site. If I could point you at only one, this is it. This is how my own journey is going, after a two years. Below I offer what I believe are the best and most honest resources in the “mindfulness” world.

Key Teachers and Resources

1) Sam Harris, PhD, Author, Neuroscientist, Philosopher

  • App:
    The Waking-Up App
    (My Favorite)
    Why? Because it doesn’t cost money if you can’t afford it. Because it’s not based on any mystical thinking or woo woo. Because there are 30+ people featured inside, selected with extraordinary care, who legitimately wish for the wellbeing of humanity. Because the advice is crystal clear and ignites your curiosity.
    (Listen to Sam describe the app in 3 minutes below)
    (Trial is free. Contact here a free subscription if needed long term – Sam wishes to help people whether or not they can pay.)

2) Jon Kabat Zinn, Founder, Center of Mindfulness, UMass Med School

  • Book:
    Wherever You Go There You Are – Book by Jon Kabat-Zinn
    (Listen to Jon Kabat Zinn describe mindfulness in 2 minutes – here or here)
    (The waking up app is absolutely enough to start – but if you are looking for another amazing voice in the form of a paper book, whose passages are easily read a few pages at a time – maybe before bed – I highly suggest this.)

Reddit Discussion Forums:


Is Mindfulness That Simple?

If I showed a trail map that leads up a mountain, and said, the trail itself is astonishingly beautiful and life changing, that part is simple, right? Actually walking the trail, on the other hand, you must do on your own. Even the first mile is where a shift begins.

There are only a few links above. Not a mistake! These are portals to entirely new galaxies of experience. If you open these doors, you will find five new doors, and then behind each of those doors, five more. Do not underestimate how vast these trees of wisdom are and how profoundly they can shape you, with time.

I sincerely believe for the rest of your life, it is possible to invigorate your mind. To learn something new every day. To grow emotionally, intellectually, to express yourself, and contribute back to the world in ways that will fill you with gratitude. I cannot tell you exactly how the adventure will go. You will need to figure that out, gradually, patiently, on your own.

2) Psychedelics

Psychedelics are NOT the terrifying cartoon experience you might have heard about your entire life. Of course, we must to treat them with respect and care. Read more on psychedelics (microdosing).

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Need Help?

If you have any questions please post them on any article – I’ll follow up quickly – usually the same day. Happy to brainstorm and would love to hear about your challenges and journey.

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