Red Pills

“Neo goes from being in this sort of cocooned and programmed world, to having to participate in the construction of meaning to his life.” 

Lana Wachowski, Red Pill Blue Pill

“They were convinced the world was illusion—a seriously warped picture of reality that in turn warped their life with bad consequences. Thanks to meditation and Buddhist philosophy, they were seeing things more clearly. The Matrix seemed an apt allegory of the transition they’d undergone, and so became known as a ‘dharma movie’.”

Robert Wright

Certain ideas and tools, ubiquitous throughout these essays, loosen our grip on reality. In some cases, such as insight meditation, this is intentional. In other cases, such as contemplation of consciousness, free will, or psychedelics, this is incidental. In any case, everyday mechanics of the mind are disturbed – sometimes irrevocably.

For some this is disturbance is uncomfortable and/or negative – i.e. – change of goals, loss of familiar identity, and disinterest in familiar habits. Example stories are here.

For others, including myself, these experiences are among the most important of their life. Life unquestionably feels fuller and more “true”.

For what it’s worth – although they can be – I don’t believe these experiences need to be jarring.

For those who do venture further – the suggestion is this: consider a full ecology or system of some kind (i.e. Philosophy, Buddhism, therapy, journaling, or all of the above) – that helps orient you to the changes as reality transforms.

In other words, you probably wouldn’t jump in water without knowing how to swim. I might work, but your chances of growth are far greater if you combine lessons from people who’ve spent decades in the water.

Suggested resources are here.

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