“They say: ‘THAT was MORE REAL! That was REALLY REAL! And because of my desire to be in contact with what’s real, I’m going to change myself, and I’m going to change my world.’ They start to transform their whole lives and their whole self. The whole agent-arena relationship is radically and revolutionarily restructured.”

John Vervaeke

What’s if there’s a hidden door in your life? Would you want to find it?

I’ve never seen anyone speak so cogently about so many overlapping topics in such a short span of time. Plato’s cave, Buddhism, mindfulness, cognitive science, awakening, altered states, mystical experience, insight, wisdom, meaning.

“People who have these deep transformational experiences reliably report – and there’s good experimental evidence to support it – they have a increase in meaning in life. Many report these experiences as the most significant in their life.”

John Vervaeke

This phenomenon is as old as humanity. Across time and cultures.

A 5 minute clip, Episode 9, Dr. John Vervaeke’s 50 part lecture series.


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