A Photo, 1.8.23

A scene from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. We had just hiked 10 miles into the great wilderness, and took a rowboat to fly fish right as the sun was setting, before retiring to our cabin.

As many of you probably appreciate, the wilderness, or nature, removes us from the beguiling abstraction (distraction?) that is modern life, and plants us squarely in the moment. And, although I’m using modern technology to share this with you right now, I hope it compels you to locate this in your own life, again and again and again – not merely the wilderness, but the comfort of stillness, wherever you are.

– Jay

2 responses to “A Photo, 1.8.23”

  1. Thanks Jay for generously sharing. Not only your very gorgeous photo but also your experience. Love the idea of seeing/sharing beautiful moments.

    Forest bathing, being in/with nature, pausing to reflect…, seems to be a recurring message I’m receiving a lot at the moment.

    It’s still something I’m learning to do. Centering, reflecting, mindfulness, call it what you will.

    Whenever I remember, I try to pause, see, breathe. When overwhelmed with seemingly unbearable loss, it’s something I can hold onto.

    Not just in the places of monumental beauty, but in the every day moments. I try to take in the picturesque, while I ride wild waves of emotion at the recent loss of my friend.
    – Still trying to equate the horror of the pain of her passing, alongside the sheer wonder of the experience of having known her.

    And when all else fails I look up. I see the clouds and beyond is the sky.

    • The generosity goes both ways… How lucky to have others consider this, and even further, share how they feel? Also very generous. An incredible privilege.

      Yes, places of monumental beauty are wonderful, but as you say, they challenge us to ask: “why can’t I touch this, always?”. It’s a great question.

      So far as I can tell, once we start to recognize clouds versus sky, it only gets move vivid. Really happy to hear that is sinking in for you. Also, that you are cherishing the experience of your friend, which will be with you always.

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