Please Don’t Subscribe

(For the Wrong Reasons)

If I ever want “followers” for the sake of followers, I have committed a horrible crime. Three years of essaying has excavated some wild insights from within the “self“.

Scribble to self, 2020

I DON’T want to foster a world that mindlessly inhales content from the internet – further distracting anyone from discovering themselves.

I DO wish to startle people into seeing the mystery that is their own existence. Our, existence.

To the extent this facilitates the latter, and/or, you want help make sense of our shared existence, by all means. My only request, beyond subscribing, you participate. Make this two-way. What is it like to be you, and how can you embody your freest self? How can we foster a civilization that encourages this?

(Check email / spam folder for subscription confirmation)

I’m in. I promise to go look for the confirmation email now and will double check my spam folder