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Stutz’s Life Force

I created the wellness stack in early 2022 as a way to help people. I started with three essential topics: sleep, nutrition, and mind/self (followed by others, but these three are huge). One year later, I found Phil Stutz in a documentary, sharing the same. It is validating to discover someone emphasizing these ideas – I was happy to find him.

No matter what you’re feeling – lost, depressed, frustrated, stuck, purposeless… whatever – start here. Reset. You cannot perform or solve any problem with a blurry foundation. Meet Phil Stutz, a veteran therapist of many decades, describing this in under 3 minutes:

Life Force – Introduction

Below, Stutz offers three things proven to make a major difference in your life when you’re lost. Rather than trying to solve all your problems, focus on these first, and everything else falls into place.

Part 1 – Body

Your quality of mind is COMPLETELY at the mercy of your body. This has nothing to do with being attractive or appearing nice for other people. This is about how YOU feel every moment of your life. Sleep, nutrition, and exercise make an extraordinary difference. See more, here:

Part 2 – Relationships

Your connection to other people is important. It doesn’t necessarily mean being social all the time. It simply means treating people with respect and dignity, as often as you are able. Be present with others. Listening to them. Treating them as you want to be treated. Each person you interact with – and how you interact with them – represents your relationship with all of humanity.

Part 3 – Mind/Self

This is huge. Absolutely huge. I cannot emphasize this enough. You are more vast and complex, mysterious, creative, wise, and infinite than you can possibly ever know. And, the only way to can begin to appreciate this, is to get to know yourself. We assume we DO know ourselves – but until we open the door more intentionally to our unconscious side, such as with writing, or mindfulness, or expressing ourselves – we will never truly understand. See more, here.

All Your Questions and Problems Will Resolve

Jonah: If I just do that pyramid, everything else will fall into place.
Stutz: It will. Everything else will fall into place

If you can focus on these fundamentals in your life, specifically deepening your relationship with yourself, every other problem and question and anxiety will resolve itself.

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4 responses to “Stutz’s Life Force”

  1. Hey Jay. I’m an 18 year old girl from Nigeria. I’m going through a breakup rn and it just feels like I centered my entire life around him now I have nothing going for me while he has moved on faster than I have. Pls help. I want to feel like me again and I want to be happy and content with my life.

    • Hi Rukye – in the words of Helen Fisher, the brain goes absolutely crazy when love is lost. This is scientifically demonstrated. Watch this:

      So just realize this is completely normal. You cannot force the hurt away… just give it some time.

      And also please keep in mind that, as great as love is, you don’t NEED romantic love and sex in your life to be completely happy. Of course it’s nice when we have it, but it’s also really important to consider its limits.

      Focus on YOU… please check out all the other clips and links here, and please let me know if you have any other thoughts.


  2. Hi, I’m not much of a comment(or) but I thought I’d give this a shot. I stumbled across your site after asking Google “what to do when I’m stuck in life?” Here I am, stuck. I was diagnosed several years ago with Bipolar Disorder – don’t worry I see a doctor regularly and have everything in check. It’s just ever since then I have always wanted to get back to this past version of me. The outgoing free spirited take life on by the horns type of lifestyle. I have all the capabilities still, I’m just lacking… something. Was hoping for some guidance. I’ll go through the site as I see it’s filled with lots of information. I just also wanted to open up a dialogue and say hello. Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Chris – great to meet you. I hope you have found a few helpful things since posting the comment. When you say take life by the horns – of course it sounds like a beautiful metaphor… but I wonder exactly, do you have any specifical goals and aspirations that might make that more concrete? depending upon what they are, there might be more specific steps that can help you get there. So that’s my feedback, part 1.

      Here is part 2…

      I have come to believe, over the course of nearly two years, and counting, that life is already pretty great – no matter what is going on. The belief that it can be extraordinarily better is often an illusion. Now – maybe there really are things in your live that are bothering you – and those things might be very real. I am simply saying, that often times, we look at our lives and fail to see how awesome so many things already are.

      Back to where we started – curious if you have the basics in order, things like sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.

      If so, what about mindfulness, writing??

      All these things are small pieces of the puzzle. Feel free to leave a comment here or reach out via the contact form and I’ll ping you via email.

      – Jay

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