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  1. My name is herald, 32 from Nigeria. I woke up today and life has no meaning to me anymore. This year is the worst if my entire life.
    I started this year jobless. No jobs anywhere, especially in Nigeria. I don’t have friends and my siblings can’t even help because we all don’t have.
    I’m tired of it all and I just want to sleep and not think about anything. I have thought about sleeping and not waking up again.

    • Share whatever you like here Aina – I am here – happy to chat. Also I highly suggest reddit as a place to find good conversations about a variety of topics. One of the best social networks for civil conversations in my opinion.

  2. I don’t know my interests and passion…. I am 22 and fully lost , no will to survive… Living life is seeming a big struggle…….

    There’s is very huge fear of me leaving home to go to other city for education……… I don’t know how to overcome it……..and if I did, a new life will take breathe in my career journey and i will grow as human.

    My mind has become restless…. I am unhappy to be alive……… Feeling like burden on my parents………
    I have turned very negative about life and thinking how people are surviving!

    • Hi Rashi. Sounds like you have so much to think about. The biggest thing that jumps out to me is feeling restless and unhappy. The first thing I am wondering is if you can step back, go find some peace, just for a little while. Either in a quiet room, or outside in nature. Bring a notepad. Sit with your eyes closed. When a worry comes to mind, write it down, then close your eyes again and stop worrying about it. See what comes next. When you try this, are you able to sit for a while? 20 min? 30 min? See what you have written down at the end. Are you able to find some peace, when you can let it all out onto paper and see all the worries in your life? Then you can slowly begin to decide what is most important, and take steps to improve it. you can repeat this exercise daily – to make sure you stay on track.
      Highly suggest you check out this, especially the mindfulness article.

      Please let me know how it goes. Happy to chat further.

  3. Hi. I have been stuck for 4 years now, I had a clear goal upon leaving school but since the jobs that will lead me there didn’t come, I lost my way. I am in a state of confusion about what I want. There are so many things that I am interested in, but my head is all over the place. Anxiety gets the most out of me. Recently, I just got a job offer relating to the course of study I left 4 years ago. I am so scared and nervous about the job, as I haven’t done anything in my part-time work in the past 4 years relating to my course. Self-doubt keeps crawling in. I want to challenge myself with this, but I don’t know how not to feel like this.

    • Hi Victorine. First I am curious, what do you wish for, from your dream job? Obviously most of us need money to live. But beyond that, there is more, right? Fulfillment, passion, validation, community, status, meaning, respect. This are the “subtle” things we yearn for.

      The one thing I want to share with the world, is that these subtle things might best be found OUTSIDE work. This might help your choice of job feel like way less pressure. In other words, you simply need to earn some money to live, but beyond that, nothing more. It might help you start a job without worrying that it is the “perfect” one.

      Two more things:

      1) Your anxiety – your head all over the place. I HIGHLY suggest meditation. Even if only 10 minutes per day. Sit and observe all the things you are worried about… write them down, and let them go. Write a little list of your worries as you go. Try to go until your mind runs out of worries. If you repeat this process at least a few times per week, you will feel less drowned by worries. Yes – you might still have them, but you can hold them and face them with confidence.

      2) Your qualification – don’t worry! You will be great. Even if you feel rusty or unqualified – you don’t have to be perfect on day 1. The most important thing is being willing to LEARN. Just show up and work hard and be good to people – and you will flourish! I have hired many people in my life – and a good attitude and care is the best possible quality.

      Please feel free to ask anything else. Best of luck to you, sincerely.

      – Jay

  4. My friend is stressed and depressed due to people damaging his property. He can’t sleep and is overthinking and confused – why would someone do this? Looking for any tips to overcome this. I really appreciate it.

    • Sometimes things happen in life… we have no control over them. There is no reason they happen – we will never know. This is certainly frustrating. The goal is to be as resilient as possible, not to feel like a victim – not to let anger overtake you – not to become hungry for revenge or payback. I know this is a very small reply, it’s hard to know his full situation. But if you wish to send him over to comment here, I am happy to chat further. Finding peace is hard, especially when something in the world is distracting us. Even so we must try to hold this goal.
      – Jay

  5. Hey i am fed up of problems of my life bothing good is happening to me. Things are getting worse day by day

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