Science’s Shovel Clinks Spirituality

Common sense might have you assume psychedelics are terrifying, and meditation is rather pointless. Rigorous science, on the other hand, is excavating another story- the emphasis being neither psychedelics nor meditation, but instead, the “important and transformative” question they irrevocably illuminate: Who the F, Are You?

Below is one the most beautifully articulated 5-minute clips I’ve heard on this, directly from the frontlines of research. It puts into words what I experienced personally (somewhat accidentally). Importantly, these are two scientists with decades of experience and perspective… whereas I am a lone (albeit affirmative) anecdote. Please, enjoy this short convo, accompanied by my low budget animation. I’ll add a few words on the other end.

Who, the F, Are You?
(…Are We?)

Is this not the most interesting question of a lifetime? Not in the sense of a literal answer, but as a north star of inquiry that invites every human mind to consider it. Perhaps most especially, to consider the projections of our own mind… which, are irrevocably linked to an interminable chain of pervious influences and stimuli.

Are we truly who we think we are?

I could go happily go on and on , but frankly, others have already done so, which I’ve shared… so I’ll revisit below. Please, join me, in embracing this fantastic circumstance and mystery (…and perhaps most importantly, the consequent comfort and awe that can result from doing so).

Each article below is related, in some way, to the above.

2 responses to “Science’s Shovel Clinks Spirituality”

  1. Thank you for offering this.

    Sam does bring Science along for his ride and I applaud him for this contribution. He brings a sense of legitimacy to the skeptical mind. I’ve read Sam’s book on Awakening and found it interesting for the skeptical person yet not a very deep dive into meditation and all that it can offer to our physical and mental health.

    If someone wanted a more in depth approach to meditation and possibly awakening, I would point them to many more experienced teachers. There have been many scientific studies done on the value of meditation. The most indepth I believe Sam points out in one of his podcasts. Those are out of the University of Wisconsin.

    Of course I have my own favorite teachers I’ve used along the way. That is a personal journey I won’t share here. Here is another site that lends credence to the topic of meditation and spirituality from a science perspective. I’ve personally done retreats through their organization.

    Thanks again for bringing up this topic. It has certainly shaped my present state of being.

    • Happy to find you here Carolyn. What comes to mind is a favorite quote from Stephan Bodian… (who, is quoting Raman Maharshi)

      “The teachings are like a stick used to stir a fire and keep it burning. Once the fire is raging and needs no tending, you can throw the stick into the flames and let it burn as well.”

      In other words… there are so many great roads to follow, some will work more or less for others. I love this idea. So in that sense, I appreciate that every person is attempting to illuminate this imperfectly, from some angle.

      On the science front, Roland Griffiths specifically has my attention because of his work (including many other researchers at this point), on psilocybin specifically. (and by extension, Sam sort of lives at this intersection) Though, I am sure, the research efforts are quite robust more broadly at many respected institutions…. will check out your link for sure.

      Thank you for engaging with this.

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