Psilocybin Experience – Session 3 (390mg)

Eleven hours ago I took 390mg of ground cubensis mushrooms in three size-1 capsules. I took the caps first thing after waking on an empty stomach. This is my third time taking a psychedelic, and +130mg the dose of my previous session.


The characteristics and mood of this session were essentially the same as last time, so I’ll keep this short. Absorbed and vivid, focused, and very pleasant. No new sensations. Dove into some reading, had a great meal, listened to some music, and reflected.

Based on my experience so far, my theory is that 260-400mg may be an ideal microdose for me, since I am not seeing any visual artifacts but do feel a subtle shift in state of mind. For the purposes of orienting myself to the continuum of experience, I will continue titrating until I notice signs of psychedelic phenomenon.

Today was unique in that I have work in 24 hours, and so my starting disposition was slightly anxious. In my first two sessions, I was off the following day and therefore naturally happier and more relaxed. Interestingly though, about 50 minutes after taking the caps, my preoccupation vanished. It suddenly seemed silly the upcoming workday had been on my mind at all. Was it the psilocybin taking effect?

In all sessions so far, I am noticing that after about 1 hour, my mind seems to slow to a pleasant pace (think light jog vs hard run), and my awareness shrinks down into what’s in front of me, as opposed to anticipating the future and/or other parallel impulses. The words that continually come to mind to describe my mood are “warm glow”.

To be continued.

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