Psilocybin Experience – Session 1 (130mg)

Three hours ago I took 130mg of ground cubensis mushrooms in a single size-1 capsule. My first time ever taking a psychedelic. I took the cap first thing after waking on an empty stomach. I skipped my usual morning coffee to avoid the psychoactive effects of caffeine interfering with my sense of what was happening with the mushrooms, if anything.

It’s rainy and windy outside today. I’m pretty sure the wind’s favorite place to aim is at my apartment… which turns my space into a giant musical instrument for mother nature. You know how blowing on the mouth of a glass jug makes a sound? It’s like that – except the mouth of the jug is the chimney of my apartment.

Although wind and rain typically accompany a splash of gloom, this morning has been totally pleasant and beautiful. It is impossible to say if this was influenced by the capsule or simply because Saturdays always feel divine (at least for me). The placebo effect is very much in play, too. Those acknowledgements aside, I feel slightly more engaged with what’s right in front of me this morning, as opposed to my mind tugging me in various directions and onto the next thing. More present. The incessant urge to juggle multiple parallel impulses feels turned down a notch. I also feel my attention to beauty, i.e. my space, the taste of my breakfast, the few thoughts that have crossed my mind, is slightly elevated. Things seem a bit more vivid.

In conclusion this morning has been great, but impossible to attribute to the capsule or extrapolate further. Not an obvious deviation from a typical Saturday. If I did detect anything, it was about 50-60 minutes after taking the capsule… a feeling of absorption in the moment and slightly more colorful feelings in relation to it. At the very least I am happy to have a toe in the water of this journey and report no adverse effects of any kind.

Off to enjoy the rest of the day. To be continued.

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