Protect Your Sense of Worth

[Note to a friend]

Never let the wrong things influence your sense of worth, either as an artist or a person. Unfortunately… perception is part of life, and perception is way more often wrong than it is right, including our own perception of ourselves. Your worth is a pearl to be protected – make sure the wrong things do not touch it.

Only allow your most trusted and loved feelings from self and others to take care of it. You obviously have many beautiful things to share and this is only the beginning. This is a force that cannot be stopped, and will always find a way to the light. This is a force that does not care about perceptions.

Be relieved that no matter what happens, your gifts will find a way. Even if the road is twisty and turny.

Invite challenges and handle them with grace, as they will teach you and make you stronger. Have faith in this process.

Near-term, act swiftly but calmly and clearly, guided by those who you trust. Do everything you can do to survive this imperfect but necessary perception game. Don’t let it touch your pearl.

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