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Thoughtful acquisition of ideas is a pillar of a good life. The internet is an ocean of ideas – finding the gems among the noise can take a lifetime. For what it’s worth, here are the gems I’ve discovered.

Wellsprings of Mind Expansion

The Making Sense Podcast

One of my most cherished sources of ideas, philosophies, discussions, and rational inquiry, is the Making Sense podcast by Sam Harris. Whether or not one agrees with Sam’s opinions, he is one of the most impressive critical thinkers alive, who probes the world surgical thoughtfulness. Equal credit goes to Sam’s guests – who range from authors, to historians, to scientists, to engineers, to philosophers, to professors, to business moguls. His talks range across many topics mindfulness, wellbeing, politics, existential threats, psychedelics, poetry, technology, and much more.

The Marginalian

Another of my most cherished sources of ideas, philosophies, art, and poetry, mostly in written form. No matter what great mind I discover on my own, it seems Maria Popova has already written about them. Not only will she point you to thousands of brilliant minds, she’ll offer gentle, brilliant reflections as she makes each of her introductions.

The Waking-Up App

Every feel like your mind is running constantly, even when you don’t want it to? Ever feel like you really have trouble seeing your life and goals clearly? Do you obsess about the same things over and over and find it hard to stop? Do you ever think about you desires, and wonder how important they are, and where they come from? As I have emphasized here – I believe mindfulness is powerful, life-altering tool for everyone, and this is the best app I’ve found to help access it.

I am not Buddhist, nor am I secretly advocating for it. However, I sincerely believe many of Buddhism’s fundamental ideas are beautifully applicable to any human life, especially the ones revolving around mindfulness, and study of one’s own desires. These ideas are hundreds of years old and do not require any mystical leaps of faith – all the more reason they are really worth considering.

Memorable Short Pieces on Single Topics

Forget About Happiness

Is pleasure really delivering what you believe it is?

This is Water

There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice is what.

Living a Meaningful Life

Float with the tide, or to swim for a goal? Beware of goals: look for a way of life.

The Harmful Idea of Soulmates

In 348 BC, Plato asks: how many view romantic love as the answer to life’s problems?

Living Without Social Media

In 2016, Cal Newport makes an argument for quitting. Even more relevant in 2022.

Understanding Victim Mentality

Everyone is wronged in life. Learn why it’s not beneficial to dwell on it.

Riding Waves of Desire

We swim in an ocean of desire waves. Can we let the waves pass, rather than crash?

Total Joy of Not Needing Anyone

Realizing you truly have everything you need inside, to be happy.

The Four Way Test

An very simple method to check if your behavior in the world is considerate.

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