Mailbag, From Luke. Slow down, take a backseat, and just observe.

From Luke:

I have been following along your posts and essays for the last few weeks and they have become a wonderful daily read in my own journey of self-discovery (still catching up on your older posts). I believe what you have created is incredibly helpful and important. I instantly connected with your writing style, as well as how your years of introspection have informed your perspective on life. I have gradually gained a clearer birds-eye-view of my often existential and racing thoughts, and along the way I stumbled upon your site.

The strides one can make in the betterment of their own mental health by learning to slow down, take a backseat, and just observe the brain at work is simply great, and I feel BrainDump has contributed to the productivity of those healthy thinking habits.

As you have said, it is a launchpad to finding more tools and resources for these big ole questions of life. I’ve never subscribed to a blog before just because idk it’s just never been my thing, but your commitment to authenticity and raw honesty is evident in every sentence even when you aren’t discussing heavy topics.

I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to you because although you are admittedly no expert yourself, it truly is a brilliant collection of reflection that I find very applicable. It works because of your pure generosity to the fellow human.

Also, hard to come by a page on the internet that lacks an ulterior motive. So thank you for that. I hope you continue your efforts. I am an avid supporter of what you’re doing and love sharing these insights with others. The journey never ends!

From Me:

Luke – what an incredible and sincere note. Seriously means a lot. I know I need to pull these reflections out of me. The idea they might resonate with anyone is fantastic. This is my highest hope! To “wake up” this inquiry in others.

As you orient yourself to whatever insights you are feeling, definitely consider writing. As you can see, I find it an incredible tool to explore inside. Writing often clarifies things further than my dim hunches allow for.

If you decide to go that way, I would be happy to feature you as a guest writer or read / link-to your material. 

Also, at some point, I would like to feature anonymous excerpts from a few very sincere notes I received. I wonder if it might be OK to do that with this one, at some point. I hope it inspires others to see the value in introspection.

Of course, no worries at all if you prefer either your writing or note remain private.

Either way – thanks very much again. Based on what you are describing, I sense you have many great insights ahead of you. Congrats on embracing your search. Happy to bat-around ideas any time.

– Me

(shared with permission)

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