The most incredible joy- a complete and utter absence of hunger or desire, a total ease which needs no improvement whatsoever, can be discovered within. When one glimpses this, even only briefly, even only once, all subsequent behaviors and drives can be considered in relation.

It becomes apparent, despite even the most Herculean skepticism, all fathomable external pleasures are merely a pointer to, and a fraction of, this place — where everything is OK. At last, the illusory wish that forever lures us away from home, disintegrates. And while this wish may tempt us again and again, you cannot unknow what you now know. You will never again grasp with a pretense of finding freedom, as you know it’s forever available inside. The ultimate of all wishes is in our own pocket.

No matter what I possibly record in this journal, today or tomorrow, the above is perpetually the center of gravity. No greater insight, for me. All thoughts and endeavors ultimately stem from here. All branches of activity are attempts to gently steer toward this place. It is home.

[Journal, 9/4/22]

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