Finding Your Passion

Excuses. Regret. It’s too easy to get lost. Why you will fail to be great.

Short Summary of Larry Smith, Economist, University of Waterloo:

No matter how much you hear “pursue your dreams”, you decide not to do it. Maybe you’re too lazy, Maybe it’s too hard, Maybe you’re too scared to look like an idiot.

Maybe you admit yourself:
It takes luck
It takes genius
It takes being weird

… I am none of those things.

I’ll just work really hard instead.
(Sadly – this won’t work.)

Most people find “interests” but never cultivate them into “passions”. Interests and passions are not the same thing.

SOME people find their “passion”, but still fail. Excuses intervene…

– I want to be a great spouse
– I want to be a great friend
– I want to be a great parent

People use these excuses as a “shield” against regret.

THIS is why you will fail. Unless…


Larry is making a mind-bogglingly obvious, painful point. Most of us spend our lives SO distracted, we are never able to prioritize “the important stuff”. Why the hell is this so difficult? The only chance we have is to become extremely aware of our own minds. Do our minds take us for a ride all day, every day, like an out of control horse? If so, how do we change that?

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