Dear Sister, Please Embrace Discomfort

Dear Little Sister,

Thanks again for continuing to show up call after call, and opening up to me. Your trust means an enormous amount to me. I am happy you will be making a commitment to therapy as yet one more way to explore your mind, your feelings, your wellbeing. I can’t wait to hear how this goes. I know nothing radical will happen overnight. But every minute spent understanding yourself is pure gold.

As you keep walking your path (we are all walking our own paths), I will continue to explore with you, the balance of pushing you and giving you space. In other words, I am going to continue to challenge you, but it is from a place of love.

I am highly confident that you are already on your way to a place of deep equanimity. You have tools and support and a desire to change and a family who is there for you in a moment’s notice.

The biggest thing to accept and be at peace with, is that effort is essential. Initially that effort will feel a little uncomfortable. But that means it is working. Unexpectedly, the discomfort will feel like your best friend.

As Steve Jobs famously said about discomfort in his own life: “It was awful tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it.

If you type “lean into discomfort” into google, you will slowly see that so many humans have discovered this in life. Below is an example I found very quickly this morning… (not sure you have a printer but this photo is a good one to have in your space as a reminder…. only saying this cause I print important things too).

So Sis, your homework for the moment is to make a promise to lean into the discomfort. And eventually it won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

Chat more soon.

Love Me

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