Dear Everyone I Leave Behind

An extremely close friend passed today. I wonder, what would he want the world to know about him, and how he experienced life? What would you want the world to know about you?

Dear Everyone I Leave Behind

Dear everyone,

I believe we don’t need anything to be happy. Happiness is a baseline condition to be held carefully. Stillness and silence appear to be the way to appreciate this, as Thoreau intimates. The momentum of society, the momentum of our own minds, relentlessly obscure this…

Where did this momentum originate? We didn’t start the fire, exclaims Billy Joel. He’s right. Primal origins… pitched anxiously ahead. We won. Yet, we thrust endlessly anyhow, in limitless ways. Is this progress, or infinite jest? If progress- toward what?

When I die, I died certain that I did not need anything other than I had. Certain I did not need to experience anything other than I experienced. Existential fomo, cured. Curious and hungry, always, but completely satiated. My regret is my inability share this with more people, as it feels like treasure. An enduring one…

Of course, I enjoyed every sandwich, explored every iota of capacity while I was here, under this friendly north-star. Although I failed magnificently to share with anyone, (and maybe, this is simply un-shareable), I at least touched people with its essence, or gave it my sincere attempt. Helped in ways I could. And I apologize for all the ways I failed.

I am happy. I loved all of you dearly. And I will miss you.

Be kind. Be patient. Be compassionate. Be still. Cherish this.

Live is precious, always. Most especially the simplest things.

Everything else is bonus…



PS, Dear Paul

There are two hallmarks to your existence. First, your utter commitment to being you. Rarely pretending to be something you were not. Fearless in your individuality. Second, your limitless generosity, too often at your own expense. Giving more than you had. Deeply motivated by the happiness of everyone around you – best friends and complete strangers alike.

Were you happy? I hope so. For certain, there were millions of moments of happiness in hundreds of lives, created by you. I hope you felt such love in return. If I had one moment left with you, I would hug you, uttering as many thank-you’s as possible – knowing no amount of them would adequately convey gratitude or repay our debt.

Thank you, so much. You will be honored by paying generosity forward as often and lovingly as possible, to as many people as possible.

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