Human Flytraps

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Human Flytraps

We can't help ourselves. Our instincts feel so right - yet - we find ourselves stuck despite them. We don't recognize traps until we've been caught and frustrated for a very long time. Eventually, someone, or something, helps us see an exit. This 800 year old quote from Rumi beautifully captures what this feels like:

“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I’ve been knocking from the inside!“
– Rumi

Do not let these things suffocate you.

Love & Sex

Can romantic love save anyone? Make us feel whole? Is this what you've been waiting for your entire life - and it's driving you crazy that you don't have it? Further, the allure and pleasure of sex seems undeniable - but have you ever considered a long-term cost?


Why do you work? Money, most obviously. What about challenge, community, experience, accomplishment, growth, validation. Is it right to depend upon work for all of these things? Perhaps "work" isn't always the best answer. Perhaps work can actually get in the way. Work is obviously important, but it isn't everything.


Is it true, in the words of one great author, that "everybody worships"? The only choice is what we worship. We can worship binging netflix and scrolling memes as much as we might worship studying to be a doctor, learning to play the piano, or simply sitting in quiet and reflecting upon the nature of our existence.


Who are you? Seems like a stupid question. Then you see it's a rabbit hole that can permanently alter how you see the world. Just who is it, that is coming up with all the thoughts an emotions you feel, all day, every day? Are you willing them into existence, or simply along for the ride, watching the show?

Reality Distortion

Poor us. Sincerely. Living in an era of great information abundance, yet so much of it is warped and distorted in ways that are extremely hard to recognize. This is increasing anxiety about life and altering our attitudes towards other people in the world. Understanding this can make a big difference.


It's easy to blame the world for our struggles. Don't take the bait - this is known the pity potty - and it won't get us anywhere. Even if you are wronged, there is enormous power in knowing your resilience, and fully living the expression - water off a duck's back.


"Those people". If we simply fixed (or got rid of) those people - life would be so much better. It's simply a matter of coercing them, ridiculing them, being angry at them - fixing those people once and for all. Wait a minute. What if we are all the same?

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