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I Am Not Writing This

Something bigger has all of this to offer. I am merely getting out of the way. Of course, this is me, writing this… but even here, there is something wordless, being refracted through me, into words. There is some bigger thing, to which we are all inextricably attached. This bigger thing is gently asking you, […]

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself! In the novel Infinite Jest, a film makes its way around that, upon watching, is so damn good, it kills the viewer. They literally sit there hooked, soiling themselves, failing to eat or hydrate or move, until their body shuts down. Anyone attempting to save the person will invariably catch a glance of […]

Finding NOW

“Took me exactly 53 trips around the sun to realize that right now I’m as young as I’ll ever be, and as old as I’ve ever been, here in the honeyhole between already and not yet.” Matthew McConaughey When’s the last time you stopped in your tracks, completely absorbed with what was going on in […]

Coincidences; Free Jazz; Peace

I keep a list of coincidences in my phone. A few times per year I toss things in. I keep the bar high – there should be a real, “no f’ing way” aspect to whatever lives there. Otherwise, it doesn’t belong. One just happened. I’ll share. November 3, 2022 A housekeeper visits my place monthly. […]


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