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Spiritual Atheist Speaks With Theology PhD

“YOU CAN’T EAT DONUTS UNTIL 1 HOUR AFTER COMMUNION!” My mom, to the nun: “F Off”. 7-year-old me: [watching… donut-in-hand — bewildered] I cherish this memory – the precise moment Catholic dogmatism collided spectacularly with my mom’s veteran pragmatism. There I was, just completed my “first communion” ceremony, in the church basement for coffee and donuts…

Fucking. Coworkers.

“You never stop getting angry about small things. In my case, it’s when my staff do something carelessly, then my voice goes high. But after a few minutes, it passes.” The Dalai Lama “Anger, best case: investigate.Anger, worst case: act it out.” I lost my shit 14 days ago. Was it justified? (is it ever?)…


Check the mail (e and non). Dryer vent cleaning. Car inspection. Delete that service (after you move your stuff). Read those articles. Read that note about reading those articles. Do that thing for that friend. Reply to that text (when you know what to say). Schedule that appointment. Put the appointment in the calendar (not…

Be Free

“The moment we begin to see that there are infinitely many kinds of beautiful lives, we cease being captive to the myth of normalcy — the cultural tyranny that tells us there are a handful of valid ways to be human and demands of us to contort into these accepted forms of being” Maria Popova

A Photo, 1.29.23

May I have some food? This sparrow understands that if it stares at me long enough, sometimes doing wild aerobatics inches away from the window to snag my attention, I’ll offer a few crumbs. I get it – winter and snow make foraging especially tough.


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